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Dear Author,

I’m looking forward to your gift so much! It’s my first time participating in this exchange, so I’m very excited. 

I’ve written the following letter as a sort of buffet so you can pick and select whatever catches your fancy and write something we’ll both enjoy. 

I’m a firm believer in Optional Details are Optional, so as long as you respect my few DNWs it’s going to be great! 




Please no references, even implied or offhand, to anything terrorism related, civilians dying, or bombs. Thank you.

Regarding violence and other possible triggering things,  if it happens to characters in canon, I can deal with it happening to them in fic.  Basically, I can deal with everything as long as it at the same intensity level of canon. 


  • No Non-Con,
  • If Under Influence (alcohol, drugs, Heats, Sex-Pollen…) I prefer ALL of them to be Under Influence
  • Other Dub-Con (one partner in a position of power over the other) only if specifically requested.
  • No Underage
  • No Character Death (with characters who die in canon, either set the story before they die, or make it an X Lives AU)
  • No Humiliation
  • No Infantilisation, please don’t describe adults as boys or girls
  • No Incest


Otherwise, I’m game. The rating can be as high or low as you want, as long as it’s consensual I’m okay with any kink, and the fouler the language the better.  



I love canon fic, slice of life fic, expansion on worldbuilding, adventures in nature, food and cooking related fic, loyalty kink, competence kink, hurt-comfort, found families, random domesticity and slice of life fic. 

I love fic in which a relationship is explored, and don’t mind if that’s the main plot. I can deal with angst, but I’d like to have some kind of happy resolution at the end, even if it’s Happy For Now. 

I’m very big on a lot of tropes. I love tropes. Seriously, give me all the fandom cliches, I gobble them up. I especially love inversions and subversions, or just played straight. Some of my favorites: 

  • Soulbonds, in all forms, with marks or no marks, with relationships between the actual bonds or out of them, telepathic powers, or only bad side-effects.
  • Fake relationships that turn real. In all forms. For all reasons
  • Living by the Nile, or “What feelings? Me? No Way, Good Sir, Never (I love you)”
  • Elaborate Plans Gone Wrong,
  • Awkward Flirting
  • Awkward Sex
  • Competent People and the People who fall for them, all the Competence Kink, seriously
  • N Times Characters Did A Thing
  • Marriage/Relationship of convenience, turned REAL
  • Interspecies Relationships, especially when there’s lots of cultural differences
  • Characters Who Don’t Have Feelings Developing and Dealing With Feelings.
  • Walk Into A Bar



General Things I like for all pairings and fandoms I’ve requested. I’m down for f/f, m/m, f/m and threesomes of any combination.  

  • Enthusiastic consent, this is my biggest kink always
  • Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Non-Penetrative Sex, Cunnilingus, Blow Jobs, Rimming, Fingerfucking
  • Awkward Sex, Awkward Sexual Situations, especially if there’s a lot of laughter during sex
  • Biting, Claiming Bites, Marking
  • Body Worship
  • Desperate Arousal/Sexual Frustration, Desperate Sex
  • Floor Sex, Wall Sex, Table Sex
  • Lazy/Gentle Sex, Comfort Sex
  • Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex
  • Outdoor Sex, Sex in Nature
  • Pegging, Sex Toys
  • Reunion Sex
  • Something Made Them Do It (All of them)
  • Wet & Messy

In general, I like narrative sex and a little plot with my porn. I love character introspection, character development, and relationship development through sex. For me, sex is both about the pleasure people can derive from each other and about the emotional connection that can be made. 

Everything is hotter when emotions are involved.

You can ignore everything that’s not to your liking or doesn’t inspire you. On to the fandom-specific stuff, YAY.



I’ve organized these by themed requests, and then list a general what I’m looking for, which fandoms I picked and why, and what characters and pairings I’m interested in. I’ve got a preference for the crossover pairings I listed, but if those don’t do it for you, feel free to run with the canon pairings I listed. 



General what I’m looking for: What it says on the tin. Any of the women from these canons interacting with each other, preferable with cars (or robots! or mecha!) as a cherry on top. 


Fast and the Furious Series: I love the hot cars, the hot dudes, and the hot ladies. I just find the action entertaining, the care races awesome, the heists really cool, and I like the criminals ending up on the somewhat good side/vigilanteness of it.

Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000): This might be where my love for hot cars began (I lie, that was Starsky and Hutch), and definititely where my love for hot women with hot cars began. It’s fun, Nicolas Cage is okay in this, and Angeline Jolie is UNF in this.

Mad Max Series (Movies): I love this entire universe so much. The Dirt, The Cars, The Fight Against Bullies and Oppression. All the Fury Road women are amazing, but I'm also super into Aunty Entity from Beyond Thunderdome

Pacific Rim (2013): Giant Mecha fighting Giant Monsters! What’s not to love? Drift Compatibility!!! I love it as a canon, I love it as a fusion, I love everything about this universe. 


Characters and Pairings I’m into:

Sara 'Sway' Wayland: (Sara 'Sway' Wayland/Letty; Sara 'Sway' Wayland/Letty/Sasha Kaidanovski; Sara 'Sway' Wayland/Gisele Harabo; Sara 'Sway' Wayland/Sasha Kaidanovski; Sara 'Sway' Wayland/Sasha Kaidanovski/Aleksis Kaidanovski)

Letty (FF) (Letty/Sara 'Sway' Wayland; Letty/Mako Mori; Letty/Sasha Kaidanovski/Aleksis Kaidanovski; Letty/Sasha Kaidanovski; Letty/Sasha Kaidanovski/Sara ‘Sway’ Wayland; Letty/Dom Toretto,)

Gisele Harabo (Gisele Harabo/Sara 'Sway' Wayland; Gisele Harabo/Han Lue)

Aunty Entity (Aunty Entity/Stacker Pentecost)

Furiosa (Furiosa/Valkyrie)

Valkyrie (Valkyrie/Furiosa) 

Sasha Kaidanovski (Sasha Kaidanovski/Sara ‘Sway’ Wayland; Sasha Kaidanovski/Sara 'Sway' Wayland/Letty; Sasha Kaidanovski/Sara 'Sway' Wayland/Aleksis Kaidanovski; Sasha Kaidanovski/Letty/Aleksis Kaidanovski)




Crossover: Fast & Furious X Gone In 60 Seconds

Sway tries to steal Letty’s car, hijinks ensue, they fall in lust, in love, or both. Or they meet at a street race, first they bet for papers, then they bet for work on each others car, then they bet for work on each other ;)

Honestly these two just beg for hot sex on sexy cars.


Crossover: Fast & Furious X Gone in 60 Seconds X Mad Max 

Sway and Letty meet in the Thunderdome, where they fight in front of the masses, which later turns into public sex as entertainment, with Aunty Entity watching, and later inviting them for a private show in her quarters. They earn their keep with gusto. (Also works for Sway/Sasha Kaidanovski)


Crossover/Fusion: Fast & Furious X Gone in 60 Seconds X Pacific Rim

Sway and Letty in a Jaeger is something I’d love. But I also think they’d work great as mechanics/thieves in the wider Pacific Rim universe. Letty as the down on her luck mechanic who’s Jaeger team died on her and is now out of a job and walks into Sway’s bar for some comfort. Little does she know that Sway is also a tech-thieve, who could use a good mechanic. Cue lots of shenanigans, and dirty with motoroil fooling around. If you want to take it all the way out there and have them steal a Jaeger and they turn out to be drift Compatible? Go for it.

Also, just them on base being techs, and greasy sex with Sasha and Sasha & Aleksis, just for the hotness factor.


Crossover: Mad Max X Pacific Rim

What if the Thunderdome was the Australian equivalent of the Shatterdome? What if those survivors came to the Shatterdome. What if Aunty Entity and Stacker Pentecost cancelled the Apocalypse TOGETHER. They’d be glorious, they’d be good for one another in an opposites attract kinda way, and they’d be damn hot.

OR Valkyrie and Furiosa where one of the oldest Jaeger pairs, but they lost a fight, Furiosa lost her arm, Valkyrie lost her memorie, and they lost each other. They find each other at the end of the world.

(Or both ;) )


Fusions: Any, or all of them, set in Pacific Rim

Give me two people I like, make them Drift Compatible, and I’m a happy camper. Seriously, it’s just incredibly iddy to me, the being in sync, the shared memories, I’ll eat it up. So any of my favored relationships listed above dealing with this would be amazing.




General what I’m looking for: 3 archaeologists walk into a cave, only one gets out with the artefact. Bonus points if suddenly: DINOSAURS. I love all these movies because they’re fun, so you can go as wild and out there and cracky as you want. General Rule of Thumb: Ignore the fourth movie



Indiana Jones Series: I love Indy (also Harrison Ford, mmm), I love all the boobytraps and exploration of the world, and I love all the creative uses of the whip. I hate the aliens, so please ignore the last movie?

Jurassic Park (Movies): DINOSAURS! What’s not to love? The first one is forever my favorite, because Malcolm, and I still think it’s the best of the lot, but I like them all. But mostly I love the dinosaurs.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Movies): I love Lara (also mmm Angelina Jolie), I love all the exploration and boobytraps, I love how capable she is — she’s by far the most physically competent of all characters in this set of movies — and I used to love the games.

The Mummy Series: I love Rick and Evie, I love the combination of the brawn and the brain being the perfect team, all while mummies are coming alive and trying to marry/fuck/kill them. It’s glorious. Let’s ignore the fourth movie.


Characters and Pairings I’m Into:


Evie Carnahan/Rick O’Connel

Evie Carnahan/Rick O’Connel/Indiana Jones

Evie Carnahan/Rick O’Connel/Lara Croft

Evie Carnahan/Rick O’Connel

Indiana Jones/Lara Croft

Indiana Jones/Ian Malcolm

Lara Croft/Ardeth Bay




They make it so easy, instead of Walk Into a Bar, Evie, Rick, Indy and Lara Walk Into a Cave/Pyramid/Monument, and then shenanigans ensue. Be those shenanigans, mummies, boobytraps and collapsing buildings, with or without an added dose of rumping around. Then suddenly: DINOSAURS. Look, if Indiana Jones dealt with Aliens, and Evie/Rick with mummies, dinosaurs aren’t that much of a stretch. And it’d be awesome. 

(If anyone needs to win and walk away with the artifact, I’d prefer that to be Evie & Rick)


Crossover: Indiana Jones X Lara Croft

They keep going after the same artifacts, Lara almost always wins. In the end she wins him over too. I think they’d be hot and combustible. Bonus points if suddenly: DINOSAURS.


Crossover: The Mummy X Lara Croft

Works in either setting for me. Lara goes after an artifact that Rick and Evie also need. Lara bests Rick when it comes to guns and fighting, but Evie bests Lara when it comes to smarts and knowledge. Basically it’s rock, paper, scissors, so they keep stealing the artifact back from one another. They can fall in lust and bed with one another (but the next morning Lara has absconded with the artifact), or they can have to work together as unlikely allies against The Mummy.

I’d also be really down with the same prompt, but with the focus on Lara and Ardeth instead.


Crossover: Indiana Jones X Jurassic Park

I’m really intrigued how Ian Malcolm, Chaos Theory Professor, would deal with Indiana Jones, Conduit of Chaos. So somehow, these two end up on the same island. Indy is there for a rumored old artifact, Ian is there because the plot of The Lost World, and they have to work together to survive. I’d honestly love it if it weren’t only the dinosaurs they’d have to deal with, but also with the typical Indiana Jones shenanigans. Except maybe no Nazi’s please. 



General what I’m looking for: Pretty much what it says on the tin. I love Westerns, because somewhat gritty men, riding on horses through the dust, is just very much my thing. I’d love a general Walk Into A Bar, where a character of one fandom meets someone of another. Uhm, lots of timeline handwaving in the prompts, lets assume all these take place at about the same time.



Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969): I just love them together. I love the humor and general athmosphere of this movie, I love how they play off one another, I loved their thing with Etta, and I’m always sad when they don’t make it.

Silverado (1985): Childhood movie of my heart. I love everyone in this movie so much, I love the plot, I love the relationships. I’d honestly watch another 3 movies with everyone’s adventures.

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973): Another iconic classic for me, mostly thanks to the soundtrack, but also because of the tragedy of the storyline. They always seem like ex-lovers to me, at least there’s that kind of emotion between them.

Also, Bob Dylan as Alias reading the labels on canned goods - iconic.

White Fang (1991): Another childhood favorite, I can’t help it, but a young Ethan Hawke, fighting against the elements, befriending wild wolfdogs… It pushed my buttons then, and it still does. Also, the Klondike gold rush is super interesting as a setting.


Characters and Pairings I’m Into. 

I’m into all of these as friendships as well, so if you’d rather write gen, that’s okay!

Butch Cassidy/Sundance Kid

Paden/Emmett (Silverado)

Pat Garrett/Billy The Kid

Alias (Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid)

Jake (Silverado)/Weedon Scott (White Fang)




Crossover: Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid X Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

I love the scenes of Alias in PG&BtK, he’s just so whimsical and gets through all these confrontations without ever getting really involved. The canned goods scene is iconic, and one of my top scenes in film history. Anyway, I’d love something similar, but then with him being a witness to Butch and Sundance robbing a train or bank, and having to avoid getting shot and arrested.

Feel free to make it A Thing, aka have him have a bunch of encounters like that, maybe with characters from Silverado back in their outlaw days, or with other iconic characters/gangs from Westerns (Once Upon a Time is in the tagset, There’s the Long Riders for Jesse James et co, The Good the Bad and the Ugly… if you’ve got the urge, feel free to go wild.)


Fusion: Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid X Silverado

I ship Paden/Emmett like burning, but I always thought the movie ended somewhat ambiguously… What were Emmett and Jake going to do in California?

I would honestly love a Pat Garrett/Billy The Kid type of situation, where Paden is hired to bring Emmett to justice, and all the drama that entails. 

I’m fine with Paden crossing over to Emmetts side, and them leaving together in a dust cloud, preferable after dramatic yet understated declarations of love. Or more Pat Garrett and the Kid, have Emmett die and Paden be brokenhearted that he was the one that killed him. OR have them dramatically die together, still loving each other, still understanding each other, just accidentally at a different side of the conflict.


Crossover: Silverado X White Fang

After California, Jake gets bitten with the urge to see the world, and the thirst for gold, and ends up in the Yukon. He’s a little older, not much wiser, and still very much someone who gets in the thick of things, so he ends up defending Weedon Scott in one of his inevitable fights for The Right Thing. One thing leads to another, cue wilderness romance. 

Or the other way around, since in the book, Weedon Scott moves back to California, have him meet rakish Jake (who his father definitely disapproves off, being a judge and all that), cue romance in the sweltering Californian sun.


Crossover/Fusion: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid & White Fang

What if instead of Bolivia, Butch and Sundance fled to Canada instead, lured by the song of gold. Of course, digging for gold is hard work, and that isn’t their style, so soon they have to resort to different styles of “work”. What if they’d robbed the dog fight runners?

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Hot Hunks on Horses for the win!


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