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Dear Author,

I’m looking forward to your gift so much! It’s my first time participating in this exchange, so I’m very excited. 

I’ve written the following letter as a sort of buffet so you can pick and select whatever catches your fancy and write something we’ll both enjoy. 

I’m a firm believer in Optional Details are Optional, so as long as you respect my few DNWs it’s going to be great! 

General Likes and Dislikes )



I’ve organized these by themed requests, and then list a general what I’m looking for, which fandoms I picked and why, and what characters and pairings I’m interested in. I’ve got a preference for the crossover pairings I listed, but if those don’t do it for you, feel free to run with the canon pairings I listed. 


Hot Girls and Hot Cars ) Archaeologists Gone Wild ) Hot Hunks on Horses )


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