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I've been planning to do a weekly WIP post for a while now, to keep myself motivated and to keep track of what I'm working on. I'm not the best at longer projects, mostly because I easily get distracted by new shiny fic ideas, and thus lose momentum with older ideas if I don't finish them right away.

One of the reasons I do so many exchanges is because the deadline makes me finish things while I'm working on it, but that doesn't fix the issue for fics I start on my own of course (my Scrivener project for Shadowhunters is like 80% unfinished fics, it's a tragedy).

Which is why I'm so happy with [community profile] wipbigbang, as it allows me to finish the Space AU I started and would otherwise never have finished. It's a Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair fusion, in which Alec is a famous cyborg, and Magnus a warlock mercenary turned captain who've been on opposite sides of a war for a couple of years, but are now forced to work together. I already posted their first meeting as a prologue set about 7 years before the storyline I'm working on.

Usual caveats apply, Not proofread yet, and everything can still change. This is set relativeAt some point Magnus needs to break into Alec's cabin and has Cat help him fake a decease, so he can be absent from his duties to go spying.

Magnus regretted every life-choice that had brought him on the Alicante, about to risk his life by breaking into the tin Soldier’s cabin. If he didn’t die of whatever it was that Cat had injected him with first. “I’d thought I’d said it had to be fake,” Magnus groaned into his comm.

Cat laughed. “I thought you said it had to be believable.”

He’d kill her. If he survived this.

The floor looked so nice and cool. If he could just lie down, not move ever again, he’d be the happiest warlock to ever live.

“Are you ready for the floor inspection of sector 3a?” Lightwood asked, coming out of nowhere. He was backlit by the bright lights of the hallway, the brightness forming a halo around his head. He looked like an angel, come to absolve Magnus from all of his pain.

“I look like what?” Lightwood asked. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” Magnus said, sauntering past the Admiral. He would saunter if it was the last thing he did, no matter how much his muscles protested against moving at all.

“You don’t look fine,” Lightwood said. He never gave up. Magnus hated that. “Was it something you ate?”

“Maybe you should inspect the rations instead, and leave me be,” Magnus snapped.

Lightwood looked hurt. Magnus would apologize, if he didn’t fear he’d start puking if he spoke another word. So he shook his head and continued walking towards sector 3a. After three steps, however, he stumbled and fell backward, only to bump into something warm and steady. He looked up and saw Lightwood’s face, eyes looking worried. It was such a lovely face. Such a shame he was all cybered up.

Although now that he was seeing the admiral’s body up close, it didn’t feel very robotic or cybered. Just very human, very male… very nice.

“Magnus?” Lightwood asked.

Magnus smiled. He should investigate the Admiral’s body now that he was in his arms. For science, of course.

Lightwood lifted him up. “Med bay, I need an emergency evac on my location, now!” he ordered through his comm.

Magnus couldn’t believe the Admiral was carrying him bridal style. He wished he wasn’t too sick to enjoy it.


“What is wrong with him?” the Admiral yelled through the med bay. Magnus had seen him angry before, but never quite like this. It must be the fever talking, but Lightwood seemed almost worried

“I cant figure out what’s the matter if you keep insisting on being in my way, Admiral,” Cat said. That definitely was her put-upon voice.

“Will he live?” Lightwood asked in a whisper. Magnus froze. That was definitely worry in Lightwood’s voice, like he actually cared. He wasn’t supposed to care, what else was the use of a biocybe? Lightwood couldn’t be emotionally compromised, he was the fucking Tin Soldier.

“Admiral, Magnus will be fine. It looks like a bad case of Doreen Dysentery. He needs three days of rest, lots of fluids, and he needs to avoid any other infections. You need to leave and let me take care of him.”

“Okay,” Lightwood sighed. “I expect a report in 12 hours, and I’ll personally come and pick him up tomorrow at second bell. Comm me if anything happens.” He sounded like himself again, serious and monotone. Must have been a glitch.

Suddenly Magnus felt a cool, gloved finger touching his cheekbone, blazing a hot trail on his face. 

“You’re strong,” Lightwood whispered. “You’ll be fine. I’d order you to be fine, but you always ignore orders.” He stroked his cheekbone again, barked another “fix him!” at Cat, and left the med bay.

Magnus kept his eyes closed. He needed a minute to deal with this. Whatever this was.

He was rudely forced from his pretend slumber by injecting him brutally with was hopefully an antidote.

“Stop playing dead,” Cat said. “Tell me what you did to our poor Admiral.”

Magnus veered up, ignoring the dizzy feeling in his head. “I didn’t do anything!”

“You fainted into his arms. He carried you in here. That doesn’t sound like nothing.”

Magnus fought the blush rising in his cheeks. Those were a nice pair of arms. “The question is what you did to me,” he groaned. “I feel like a freight cruiser ran over me. Surely this wasn’t necessary.”

Cat shrugged. “It needed to look serious. You should be glad it was convincing, especially since it was the Admiral who personally saw you escorted you to med bay. He seemed worried.”

Magnus waved her implication away. “Any Admiral would react to the captain of their flag ship being indisposed. It’s a resources thing, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s glitching.

“Mmm. Not necessarily,” Cat mumbled. She didn’t sound particularly convinced. Neither was Magnus. But the idea of reporting Lightwood for a violation of A.136 -- malfunctioning of his emotion inhibitors -- turned his stomach. Unless- “It could be that they programmed him to display expected emotional responses. Now that the Allegiance means mixed crews.”

“Emotional response would put a mundane crew at ease,” Cat said. “Although I’ve so far only noticed him emotionally reacting when it concerns you.”


Magnus chose not to react to that.

Thing is, one of my goals of this year is to publish a story every month, and since both [community profile] jukebox_fest  and [community profile] soulexchange posting dates are early june, I needed an extra story to post in May. Which means I've started a Alec/Magnus magical bonding PWP, but that also means that I now have to urgently finish three fics.

My best friends marries next week, so now I'm having all of the race to the deadline stress. Sometimes that's part of the fun, but we'll see how I feel about that next week!


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