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Dear Smut Writer

I’ve written the following letter as a sort of buffet so you can pick and select whatever catches your fancy and write something we’ll both enjoy. I’m definitely fine with either straight-out PWP, but I’ve provided some narrative prompts to set the stage as it were, so you can porn those up to your hearts content. I've been known to be wordy, so feel free to just base yourself on the tags you matched with as 

I’m a firm believer in Optional Details are Optional, so as long as you respect my few DNWs it’s going to be great!

Let us get those out of the way first:


Please no references, even implied or offhand, to anything terrorism related, civilians dying, or bombs. Thank you.

Regarding violence and other possible triggering things,  if it happens to characters in canon, I can deal with it happening to them in fic.  Basically, I can deal with everything as long as it at the same intensity level of canon. 

  • Requested Characters Doing Non-Con
  • No Power Imbalance between requested characters, so if Under Influence (alcohol, drugs, Heats, Sex-Pollen… I prefer ALL of them to be Under Influence)
  • No Underage
  • No Violence Between Characters I’ve requested that isn’t part of the Smut. (Someone hitting someone in the face because Angry=NO, someone hitting someone in the face because Sex and they enjoy it=Yes)
  • No Character Death (with characters who die in canon, either set the story before they die, or make it an X Lives AU)
  • No Humiliation
  • No Infantilisation
  • No Scat

Otherwise, I’m game. The rating can be as high or low as you want, as long as it’s consensual I’m okay with any kink, and the fouler the language the better.  



I love canon fic, slice of life fic, expansion on worldbuilding, adventures in nature, food and cooking related fic, loyalty kink, competence kink, hurt-comfort, found families, random domesticity. 

I love fic in which a relationship is explored, and don’t mind if that’s the main plot. I can deal with angst, but I’d like to have some kind of happy resolution at the end, even if it’s Happy For Now. 

I’d prefer all fic to be set in their respective Canons, but I definitely love Alternate Canons. I’m very big on a lot of tropes. I love tropes. Seriously, give me all the fandom cliches, I gobble them up. I especially love inversions and subversions, or just played straight. Some of my favorites: 

  • Soulbonds, in all forms, with marks or no marks, with relationships between the actual bonds or out of them, telepathic powers, or only bad side-effects.
  • Fake relationships that turn real. In all forms. For all reasons
  • Enemies to Lovers, Enemies to Friends, Friends to Lovers
  • Living by the Nile, or “What feelings? Me? No Way, Good Sir, Never (I love you)”
  • Elaborate Plans Gone Wrong
  • Awkward Flirting
  • Awkward Sex
  • Competent People and the People who fall for them, all the Competence Kink, seriously
  • N Times Characters Did A Thing
  • Marriage/Relationship of convenience, turned REAL
  • Found families,
  • Interspecies Relationships



General Things I like for all pairings and fandoms I’ve requested. 

  • Enthusiastic consent, this is my biggest kink always
  • Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Non-Penetrative Sex
  • Awkward Sex, Awkward Sexual Situations
  • Biting, Claiming Bites, Marking
  • Body Worship
  • Cunnilingus, Blow Jobs, Rimming, Fingerfucking
  • Desperate Arousal/Sexual Frustration, Desperate Sex
  • Floor Sex, Wall Sex, Table Sex
  • Hair Braiding, Hair Brushing, Hair-pulling
  • Lazy/Gentle Sex, Comfort Sex
  • Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex
  • Outdoor Sex, Sex in Nature
  • Pegging
  • Rending of Clothing
  • Reunion Sex
  • Rough Sex
  • Sex Toys
  • Something Made Them Do It (All of them)
  • Wet & Messy

In general, I like narrative sex and a little plot with my porn. I love character introspection, character development, and relationship development through sex. For me, sex is both about the pleasure people can derive from each other and about the emotional connection that can be made. 

Everything is hotter when emotions are involved.

You can ignore everything that’s not to your liking or doesn’t inspire you. On to the fandom-specific stuff, YAY.



Who I requested: Bors/Dagonet/Vanora

What Tags I Requested

Animal Transformation, Awkward Sex, Body Modification, Body Worship, Claiming Bites, Double Penetration, Fighting Kink, Friends to Lovers, Group Soulbonds, Held Down, Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex, Marking, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Outdoor Sex, Scars, Sex After Fighting/Battle, Sex Toys, Spitroasting, Tattoo Kink, Thank God We're Alive' Sex, Wrestling,

What I love about canon: I really love the whole Sarmatian Auxiliary to the Roman army angle of King Arthur. 15 years of fighting in a war that is not yours, in a country that isn’t yours, for a country that is not yours. I love the easy friendship between all the knights, but also how very different they look upon their time in Britain. So much drama and fucked-upness right there.

And the there’s this moment relatively early in the movie, when Vanora sings, and Bors and Dagonet share a look, and every time I get fucking emotional about it. 

And just, they just want to go home, but the Romans fuck them over, and then Dagonet sacrifices himself and I drown in tears.

I love the obvious affection Bors feels for both Vanora and Dagonet, I love how Dagonet is this mountain of silent, but deep feelings, and I love how Vanora is possibly the only sensible person in that whole castle. I have a mighty need for the three of them to LIVE happily ever after. Fuck, they’d be hot, and awesome and glorious together. 


I’d seriously love an Everybody Lives Canon Divergence, or a fic set before the movie. I’d rather avoid a fic set during the movie, because I’d rather not deal with Dagonet dying. DAGONET LIVES!!!

  • I have a theory that obviously Bors’ 12 children are at least 50% strays Dagonet picked up. I’d love a slice of life type fic, where the three (try to) find an escape from the daily chaos of raising 12 children to get laid. Extra kudos if there’s a couple of awkward walk-ins and some failed attempts because sudden interruption. Sex in the outdoors seems like one possible solution to this problem.
  • I’d really like to know more about Vanora in general. The possibilities are all so intriguing. What we know is that she’s kind and caring and raising 11 kids. Since she’s relatively young, I always assume a couple of those at least are adopted. She sings about Home and it’s implied she’s singing about Sarmatia, but since we don’t see any girls being displaced by the Romans, I think that she’s the daughter of a former Sarmatian knight with a British woman. Which I love because Culture Clash! Speaking of Sarmatia, apparently they were known for having Warrior Women, so a fic where Vanora is definitely in charge when it comes to the sex would be awesome. 
  • I did love all the fighting scenes a lot, and angsty fic when someone gets wounded, and the other two comfort them and each other would be delicious. Without the angst I’d also love Post-Battle victory sex, Thank God We’re Alive sex and Dammit, Looking at you fight makes me really horny sex. Could also be Post-Training sex, because I imagine Vanora to be an interested spectator whenever Bors and Dagonet spar. I’m convinced they’d have competitions between them to have the honor of eating Vanora out that evening.
  • I really like seduction fic, so a story of how two of them seduce the third would be totally my jam. The Romancing and Seduction of one Silent Stoic Soldier called Dagonet, by means of Stray Children, Foul Language and Excellent Sex, a novel by Vanora, with annotations by Bors, would be glorious.
  • I’d love a Soulbond AU, or an Animal Shifter AU, or both. Especially if there’d be cultural differences between the Britons and Sarmatians in how was dealth with this. I love me some Fantasy Non-Human Genitalia, so feel free to go as weird and kinky as you want. I’m also really into all the marking and claiming and possessiveness, especially if it’s mutual and in all directions.
  • I love the physicality of this canon, there’s all the fighting of course, but these three are also so very affectuous with each other, I like to think that carries over to their sex-life. All the manhandling, rolling around, struggling for being on top. I like to think Vanora makes up for her lack of physical strength (in comparison) with the strength of her personality. I requested Double Penetration and Spitroasting, but by no means does that have to mean that Vanora has to be the centerpiece. I like it when characters switch around, medieval dildo’s were a thing, so pegging is a definite possibility. I mean Bors is such an epicurist, I’m sure that once the fighting is over, they take their time to experiment a lot. 



Who I requested: Condari Rahnbada neKeatus Brithanas/Noriana Ember maDion , 

What Tags I requested:

Animal Shifter, Animalistic Sex, Biting, Claiming Bites, Desperate Sex, Something Made Them Do It, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Fighting Kink, Knotting, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Outdoor Sex, Ritual Sex, Ritual Public Sex, 'Thank God We're Alive' Sex, Undercover as a Couple, Wrestling, Sharing Clothes, Marking, Aliens, Telepathic Sex,

What I love about the canon: I love the nature and the adventures in the wild these books have. The rockclimbing, the traveling on dnu, the wildness of the environment. I ADORE the wolfwalking, telepathic animals were my thing as a teenager, and I never got over it when it came to these books.

I love all the different counties and cultures and the fact that there’s nine moons and that those mess up the tides. I love that these books have always been about family and found families. I love the extremely convoluted politics, and that everybody is always playing at something. I love the hinted at history, and that there are actual aliens on this planet, who screw things up. 

I love, love, love the sexual tension between these two. Their backgrounds are so different, and their goals only seldom truly line up, but the tension and attraction and respect is so palpatable between them. This book so obviously set things up for Things to happen, and then it stopped. I WANT MORE. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?



  • The sexual tension between these two is so palatable, at some point in their future together it is so going to break. Possibly at the worst possibly moment. Ideally somewhere in the wilderness, so they can roll through the leaves, pin each other against trees and destroy some bushes in the process.
  • Speaking of bushes, the nature is deadly and unexpected in canon, so Sex Pollen is definitely a thing in this universe. Or you know, the aliens inside Nori’s head make them do it. Some kind of frantic coupling under influence, with then the fallout of them already having feelings for each other.
  • Obviously the telepathic wolves are canon, but I wouldn’t mind an AU where either one of them is some kind of animal shifter. Cue even more animalistic desires. Non-Human Genitalia only make things more interesting, so Heats, Knotting, Scent Marking, Claiming Bites and other things can all be part of this. 
  • The world has a lot of weird and complicated social structures, so I would like to read about them getting married (either established relationship, or arranged marriage for political reasons), and that involving Ritual Sex. There’s the whole canon thing of having stones grafted on the breastbones, so I feel like Public Ritual Sex wouldn’t be that far off.
  • Rishte ‘accidentally’ connecting Nori and Condari telepathically while they’re fantasizing about each other, which only adds to their sexual tension. I really like Condari’s idea of forming a pack of their own, but navigating that and managing some privacy for sex seems like an impossible task.
  • Another possible scenario for the UST to break would be sparring turning into sex. Have them playfight, train, be all sweaty and filled with adrenaline, and BOOM Condari’s nice clothes get shredded. Twice, because obviously Nori was wearing his shirt.
  • As part of the political intrigue going on they totally have to go undercover as a couple. Because people are spying on them/public sex is part of the culture they have to make it really convincing.



Who I requested: Barabas Gilliam/Christopher Steed

What Tags I requested: Suit Kink, Healing Sex, Consent Issues, Naked Cuddling, Sleepy Sex/Morning Sex, Competence Kink, Wing Kink, Knotting, Biting, Non-Human Genitalia, Consentacles, Animalistic Sex, Thank God We're Alive Sex, Touch Starvation, Hair Braiding

Why I love this canon: I love the magic system, the worldbuilding, and the amazing character development almost all characters go through. I love the snark, the found family aspects, and I’m deeply invested in all canon relationships. It’s one of those series where I’ve actually yelled at characters for making hard choices I disagreed with, and yet loved them even more for it. I’m completely caught up with all novellas and the latest book, which sky-rocketed my emotional enjoyment to new levels.

I’ve liked Barabas since he started as one of Kate’s dedicated Bouda’s, but I think I really fell in love with him when he came to Andrea’s rescue like an Avenging Angel Lawyer of Doom. What a crowning moment of awesome. I love that’s he as fiery as his hair, but also calculated and observing and great at lawyering. I love how he always falls for emotionally unavailable people, knows it, and yet repeats his mistake all over again. I love how he avoids his own problems by helping other people with theirs. He’s so human, weremongoose or not.

Christopher was always a bit of a mystery, because his mind was so fucked up, but I loved how he managed to be kind and generous despite that. Him being the one to make the panacea was such a twist, I’m still in awe of that. And now, with the whole Deimos thing and him turning out to have been Roland’s right hand… So much possibilities! I love how these books let people redeem themselves, and I’m hoping that’ll be the case for Christopher as well.

I shipped them from the moment Barabas pulled Christopher from his cage and Christopher thought he was an angel. I love how caring for Christopher centered Barabas in a way, and I love how Barabas panicked completely once Christopher fixed his brains and threw feelings in the mix. Christopher saying “I love him” nearly killed me, seriously.


  • I love the scene where Barabas is all “I don’t need to see him in a suit” because Christopher will be irrestistable, and I assume he wants to figure out his feelings first. I’d love fic where Barabas Sees Christopher In A Suit. I’m assuming that happened on Kate’s wedding anyway, but any other occasion is fine too. Just Barabas and Christopher getting together and facing their feelings through the power of suit-porn. Or not facing their feelings but just succumbing to lust because SUITS.
  • It’s really cliché, but argh I’m so here for the healing power of love. They both have a bunch of issues, and both could use someone to just love them and take care of them, do genuinely nice things just because. I think they could be so good for one another, in a slow burn, tender, careful kind of way. (If you want to throw some Healing Cocks in there, I’m super game too).
  • Related I'd be totally there for Christopher ending up in Barabas' bed when he was still not in his right mind, Barabas struggling with denying him, naked cuddling gone too far, Christopher making moves on a sleeping Barabas. All sweet and caring and tender, but still kind of dub con and totally messing with Barabas' guilt, and later when Christopher returns to himself messing with his head as well, which is why things are awkward between them. I'm into it for the guilt and still doing it anyway factor. You can go as fucked up as you like with this one, as long as they at least somewhat resolve it between them once they are both able to consent.
  • Related I am also hugely into affirmative consent play for these two, either as a follow up for the previous prompt, or on its own. Christopher hasn't had the chance to say to much lately, and I'm sure Barabas would love to provide. Or the other way around, Christopher basking in the fact that Barabas keeps saying yes to him.
  • Christopher has obviously been touch starved, and hasn't yet let himself be touched overly much. I like to think that once that dam breaks, it really breaks and Barabas is his choice provider of affection, hugs, body heat, kisses, sex and all other kind of touches, going from hair braiding to playing footsy. 
  • I love their relationship with food, Barabas making sure Christopher eats at all, Christopher helping out in the kitchen because Barabas is a terrible cook. Now that they’re both in a better place, I’d love those aspects thrown together with the shapeshifter courting traditions. What do weremongoose even do to show their affection?
  • Barabas having to come to Christopher’s rescue being all lawyery and competent, and Christopher being equally awed by Barabas’ brilliance as Barabas is in awe of Christopher’s genius. All the competence kink, seriously
  • We're talking about a Weremongoose and a flying greek demi-god with fangs. So I'm all over the biting kink, the animalistic sex, weird dicks (knotting, those cat-like dicks, anything really,) wing kink, tentacles.... anything not quite human about their bodies that can be used during sex.
  • I'd love for them to Not Deal with all the things between them, until a battle/the big battle, after which everything kind of explodes into THANK FUCK YOU’RE ALIVE, LET’S FUCK sex, to only afterwards deal with their feelings. Or not deal with them for a while still and just fuck a lot.


Who I requested: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

What Tags I requested: Sex Magic, Knotting, Wing Kink, Marking, Body Modification, Piercings, Jewelry, Body Worship, Non-Human Genitalia, Panties, Clothing Kink, Suit Kink, Awkward Sex, Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex, Marathon Sex, Wrestling, Tattoo Kink, Size Kink, Affirmative Consent Play, Praise Kink,

What I love about them: I love Alec because he's blunt to a fault, has zero chill once he's decided on something, and because of his loyalty and care for his family, especially his siblings. I love that despite that he is very reserved, how deep he feels is still always so very obvious. I will never be over the fact that his most prominent rune is Deflect, just fuck Alec, it’s okay to be SEEN, it’s okay to be valued. I have a lot of feelings about how he dealt with being in the closet (I think the show handled that subject well), and how he came out of it.

I love Magnus because despite living over 400 of years, he still cares about people, he still dares to love, and he fucking owns being himself. . He’s this super powerful magic user, but his main weapon are his flair and his words. He pretends to not care and be selfish, but he rescues his people, saves Luke, tries to save Izzy, and doesn’t give up on Alec. He’s just one mask on top of another, and he very rarely drops them. 

I love that both Alec and Magnus lower their defences with each other. I love that it was so obviously attraction at first sight, and so strong. I love that they're both blunt and honest with each other, and that they don't hesitate to push and pull. I love that despite all that they're so fucking soft and tender with one another. I love that they're both so attracted to each others' competence and skill. 

Prompts: Feel free to cut and paste to you liking, I’m jonising for anything for them really, as long as it has a happy ending, I’ll be happy. I'm a spoiler-ho, so feel free to include anything from the currently airing season, or speculate about what's coming.


  • ALL THE SEX MAGIC. Seriously, Magnus is Quite Magical, Alec has his runes, the possibilities are pretty much endless. I'd especially like it if they start out kind of mellow and it all kind of escalates every time they have sex, because magical orgasms are addictive. Here for creative rune of the stamina rune, but also any other runes. 
  • Interspecies sex! What if Magnus' warlock mark was his dick? Knotting, Tentacles, Dragon Dicks! Go Wild. On the other side, who knows what angels genitalia look like, so feel free to give Alec all the weird body parts as well. Or wings. Glands, two dicks. Again, the possibilites are endless. Extra fun if combined with interspecies romance, aka Shadowhunter and warlocks have very different ideas about wooing and courting, and they need to learn to navigate this. 
  • I have a huge thing for people painting each others nails. Either Alec painting Magnus’s, or Magnus painting Alec’s. Can be finger or toes, it’s the kind of feel good intimacy I really enjoy. Especially if followed up with either body worship, foot fetish, jewelry kink, or all of those things combined. Magnus with a toe ring is my secret weakness. 
  • Likewise, I’m very much in Alec trying out (and liking) panties, and generally into Alec appreciating Magnus’s clothes. There’s a bunch of fic where Magnus magicks away his clothes with a snap of his fingers, but I like to think that Alec would enjoy taking off his outfits piece by piece, unwrapping him like the gift to mankind he his.
  • I’m super intrigued by Alec’s runes and why he has the ones he has, and I imagine Magnus would be as well. So a fic with Body Worship would be super nice, especially if not only focussing on Alec’s runes, but also his scars. Also, I am convinced Magnus has hidden piercings and/or tattoos, so feel free to go wild on that side as well. Anything about Magnus' jewellery basically.
  • Since Alec is pretty new to all this, I’m totally down to all the sexual experimenting, trying out new things, and the occasional awkward sex when things go wrong. I love that they both let their guards down for each other, so I imagine they laugh a lot in bed (BECAUSE THEY DESERVE ALL THE LAUGHTER). I'm not into Alec as a blushing virgin though, he's never been shy around Magnus, I don't think that changes in bed.
  • I like that they're both strong, physically capable men, and I love that they're both really into that aspect of each other. All the manhandling, wrestling, and shows of strength. I like the idea of Alec wrapping his long legs around Magnus, pushed against a wall, and vice versa. 
  • (Magical) Sex Toys. I'm imagining Magnus has a vivid imagination and a wide arsenal of sex toys, with Alec very willing to try out everything at least once.
  • After the somewhat disappointing sex talk they had on screen, I'm super into the idea of them doing Affirmative Consent Play, Praise Kink and other sex ways that really confirm how into it they are.
  • I'm really into marking, be it by biting, hickeys, sex magic, glitter, body paint or all of the above.

All of the above prompts can definitely be combined at will with all of the tags. I've also got one specific DubCon prompt for the tags Gangbang, Fuck Bench and Something Made Them Do It. Please don't combine the above with the below, thanks!
  • Asmodeus (or another bad guy) has caught Alec and Magnus, plus a bunch of Alternate Magnusses from other dimensions, into his realm. He makes a deal with Alec, for each Magnus he lets himself be fucked by, that one gets to go free. He needs to fuck them all for his own Magnus to be set free. Alec agrees, Magnus doesn't know and is forced to watch how Alec is fucked and fucked and fucked. Bonus points for Alec noticing differences between the Magnus's, being into it despite himself, having his runes activated so he feels everything more intensily, not all Magnus's being kind, Alec being covered in semen. Extra extra bonus points for the real Magnus refusing and Alec begging him, but not able to explain about the deal.


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