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Woop! It's that time of the year again!

While I'm scrambling to get my [community profile] jukebox assignment up to snuff, and secretly panicking that my [community profile] unconventionalcourtship will never be finished in time, sign-ups for [community profile] pod_together ARE HAPPENING.

How excited am I? Really super excited.

Podtogether a collaborative challenge for writers and podficcers. It is one of those fandom things that I hold dearest, because it's about creating something together, but also because the sum is more than its parts. There's something magical about the works that are created for this fest, mostly I think because they're written with podcasts in mind. The coolest fanwork I ever created (co-created?) was made for Podtogether. It included a character named after my mom, five languages, 34 footnotes, and I HAD SO MUCH FUN WORKING ON IT.

I have blanket permissions on all my works, because I love podcasts, and transformative fanworks of other fanworks are my jam in general, but this is something else. It's a little bit magical.

But I'm getting sappy.

From the comm:

The Rules/FAQ for the challenge are here and sign-ups are here for individuals and here for groups. Sign-ups are open until June 4th.

We’ve been running this challenge for 5 years, and participants usually have a lot of fun and create amazing stuff. This year, we’d love to spread the word to those who might be interested but not have heard of the challenge before. Any help you can give with that mission is greatly appreciated. And if the interested party is YOU, then we look forward to seeing you there!

I'm signed up as a group already, because me and Ray had Plans to do one together since we met, AND I AM EXCITED. 


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