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 I went to see Bob Dylan on the Neverending Tour on Monday, and it was utterly amazing.

Bob Dylan is the only musician my entire family unanimously loves -- all other music cause arguments eventually -- and therefor any car ride involving at least 3 people, Bob Dylan ends up the one being played. My parents record collection had 7 albums double, all of them Bob Dylan records from before they met. It's how they bonded. I grew up on his music, danced with my first crush on The Hurricane, learned to drive on the Missing Infidels.

Most people revolt against the music taste of their parents, and I definitely did that with my father, except for Bob. There's just something about his music, his lyrics, his narratives and the way he tells stories, that's a huge part of who I am.

So you know, with all of my older heroes dying the last two years, I promised myself I wouldn't let any opportunity slide to see any of them live. And I'm so glad I did.

It wasn't the first time I saw him perform, the Neverending Tour is neverending after all, he passes through Belgium about every two years, but this time it was even better than the last time. Obviously, I went with my parents and brothers (although one of them was sick and couldn't make it), and we all were ecstatic by the end. It's just such a peculiar experience, to listen to songs you've listened to so many times, being arranged so completely different they're often very hard to recognize, and have them be amazing in a completely different way. It's really hard to explain. 

Except maybe that good music is good music. And fuck, listening to it for an hour and half was good for my soul. I made a playlist of all songs on the setlist, and I've been listening to it for days. I've been walking on clouds while singing Soon After Midnight.

It was so good.

So yeah, I'm keeping firm on my resolution, I'm going to every Bob Dylan concert in my country as long as he keeps coming. Same with the Rolling Stones, if they ever come back (so relieved I saw them last time), and of course The Boss.

There's no such thing as Forever Young, after all.


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