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Hi mystery author!

My ao3 name is [ profile] pameluke  and you can find me on tumblr at [ profile] janoda .
Soulbonds and soulmates are amongst my favorite tropes, so I’m really excited about this exchange. I hope you find some info here that’s useful. I’m known to be wordy, so feel free to pick and choose between tags and prompts to your hearts content.
I’m a firm believer in Optional Details are Optional, so as long as you respect my few DNWs it’s going to be great!
Let us get those out of the way first:


Please no references, even implied or offhand, to anything terrorism related, civilians dying, or bombs. Thank you. Please no references, even implied or offhand, to anything terrorism related, civilians dying, or bombs. Thank you.
  • No Underage
  • No Humiliation
  • No Infantilisation
  • No Scat
Otherwise, I’m game. The rating can be as high or low as you want and the fouler the language the better.


For this exchange I’d prefer if everything was set in the canon setting, just with soulbonds and soulmates interwoven.
In general I love canon fic, slice of life fic, expansion on world building, adventures in nature, food and cooking related fic, loyalty kink, competence kink, hurt-comfort, found families, random domesticity and slice of life fic.  I love fic in which a relationship is explored, and don’t mind if that’s the main plot. I can deal with angst, but I’d like to have some kind of happy resolution at the end, even if it’s Happy For Now. 

For art I always love it when the art style fits the content. I like both black & white, bright colors, heavy lines, but I dislike pastels.

  • Enthusiastic consent, this is my biggest kink always
  • Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Non-Penetrative Sex, Cunnilingus, Blow Jobs, Rimming, Fingerfucking
  • Awkward Sex, Awkward Sexual Situations, especially if there’s a lot of laughter during sex
  • Biting, Claiming Bites, Marking
  • Body Worship
  • Desperate Arousal/Sexual Frustration, Desperate Sex
  • Angry Sex
  • Floor Sex, Wall Sex, Table Sex
  • Lazy/Gentle Sex, Comfort Sex
  • Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex
  • Outdoor Sex, Sex in Nature
  • Pegging, Sex Toys
  • Reunion Sex
  • Something Made Them Do It (All of them)
  • Wet & Messy
In general, I like narrative sex and a little plot with my porn. I love character introspection, character development, and relationship development through sex. For me, sex is both about the pleasure people can derive from each other and about the emotional connection that can be made. 
Everything is hotter when emotions are involved.

Shadowhunters (TV)

Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Soulbond Causes Shared Magic Powers, Accidental Soulbond, Soulbond Telepathy, Societal Stigma Against Interspecies Soulmates, Arranged Soulbonding, Freaking Out After Soulbonding, Magical Powers Awaken When You Meet Your Soulmate, Soulmate is Another Species
I’d prefer a story that is set in the canon universe, only with soulbonds and/or soulmates added to it. I’d really love it if the various species, Nephilim, Warlocks, Werewolves, Vampires (do they even still have a soul?) and Mundanes, all have different customs around them. It would make sense to me for instance, for the Clave to prefer the Parabatai bond over Romantic Soulbonds, or for them to have a ritual for arranged Soulbonds, and it’s frowned upon if Soulbonds are formed outside of that. 
Cue Alec and Magnus forming a bond (accidentally or purposefully), that goes against all of these expectations. I always thought the strength sharing, or even earlier with the demon summoning, was a perfect moment for forming an accidental soulbond.  But the wedding could also be an Arranged Soulbond, with Alec smooching his warlock instead and then later forming one with Magnus that's voluntarily.

Or Alec and Magnus having an Arranged Soulbond as part of Peace Negotiations, since soulbonds can read each others minds and can't harm one another. Cue a whole lot of messed up feelings, because how much of what they're feelings is due to the bond, and how much is real? I'm totally on board if the bonding requiredritual sex of some type, and if to keep the bond going they need to stay close at the least.

I’m really fond of the telepathic and emphatic kind of soulbonds, and I’d love something how they both deal with that (since they’re both fairly closed off people), or how that plays off with their magic. I’m super intrigued by the possibilities of them sharing  magic through the bond, and since Magnus has fallen angel blood, it seems possible to me he’d be able to wield angel magic.
I really love it when Soulbonds/Soulmates creates biological urges, either to simply be close, have sex, or all-out heats. Especially when one or both parties are trying to resist the urges, because well, Shadowhunters and Warlocks really shouldn’t do this.

I’d also be into it if there was some kind of Lore that Warlocks could control people through soulbonds, or otherwise be nefarious, and that that’s why Alec resists for so long.

I'm more into soulbonds instead of soulmates for Alec and Magnus, because the idea of Magnus having to wait for centuries for Alec is too depressing, but I would be interested in a story about soulmates where people can have multiple ones, which means Magnus has lost many of them through the centuries, and all the angst and pain that comes with that and Magnus being immortal. 
Maia Roberts/Jace Wayland

Soulmates are From Enemy Families/Cultures/Groups, Chemically Induced/Artificially Created Soulbond, Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies, After meeting your soulmate you start going into heat/rut, Alpha/Omega Soulbond, Refusing To Admit That You're Each Other's Soulmates, Soulbond-Induced Mating Cycles, Soulmate is Another Species, Soulmates Die If They Don't Have Sex, Werewolf Induced Soulbond,
Give me all the fucked upness of soulbonds and soulmates between people who really don’t want to be bound this way. Like above, I’d like it if the various species, Nephilim, Warlocks, Werewolves, Vampires (do they even still have a soul?) and Mundanes, all have different customs around them.
I’d love it if Maia and Jace were to get into a fight, and halfway through realize they’ve bonded/are soulmates. Cue figuring out how to deal with it, violence turning into (violent) sex turning into more violence and both dealing really, really bad with the fact they’ll be stuck with their enemy forever. I think they’d eventually find a way to make it work, be it romantic, aromantic but with sex for convenience, or just platonic. I don’t think it needs to be a healthy relationship per se, but one that works for them.
I’m also interested in the telepathic/empathic side of this. Maia’s fury and fear, Jace’s self-loathing and guilt, these are horrible emotions to have to share with someone, and I don’t think neither of them would deal well with having their inner secrets exposed.
I am so on board with the soulmate thing causing some kind of heat/rut/mating dance effect, where they find out they’re bonded/mated and both fight the urge to have sex with each other because they hate each other, but biology ends up being stronger than them. I’m down with werewolf tropes and Alpha/Omega dynamics if that floats your boat, especially if Maia is the Alpha (yes! Please! to female knots btw), or if they both are.
If we’re going for an extra dose of fucked up, I’d be really down if Valentine had experimented on Jace, and had aimed to see if he could create some kind of bond between a Shadowhunter and a Werewolf (to create some kind of pet?) and that was what Gretel was originally for. Only Valentine never could complete it, so Jace is unaware, until he mates with Maia, and is developing all this biological urges Shadowhunters aren’t supposed to have. 
I’d also be super down for them being soulmates/soulbonds while Jace stays in love with Clary, and it’s this whole messed up relationship where Maia still lowkey wants Simon, Jace wants Clary, and they have miserable hatesex and bonding time together. 
Basically I want all the messed up unhealthy bonds. I’m super okay with it becoming better and happy at the end, as long as the road towards that is long and rocky, or just things staying fucked up and messy.

The Get Down

Marcus "Dizzee" Kipling/Thor

Tags: Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing, Soulmate-Induced Color Vision, Soulmates Create Better Art, Telepathic Sex Between the Soulbonded, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Soulmates Share Dreams

I always felt that Dizzee and Thor’s first meeting felt like a meeting between soulmates in canon. As if they found the only person in the world who could understand them. Or where when Thor grabs Dizzee to rescue him from the train, that grabbing his hand is what forges their soulbond. Basically, soulmate or soulbond, that's the moment their connection forms or starts to form, and I’m okay with either take on it for every prompt.
I've always believed that precisely because Dizzee and Thor are soulmates, that's why they find each other in art and communicate through art. I love the idea of soulmates/soulbonds being better at art together (thanks to multiple perspectives? more inspiration?, only soulmates can be original?). Can be the age/old meeting your soulmate means you finally see in color, but could also just mean it alters and expands the way they think. Like a personal drug boosting creativity and hallucination type of inspiration.
I love the idea that where other soulmates or soulbonds have telepathy and/or empathy or another type of connection, that Thor and Dizzee can communicate telepetically through art and images.
Or have them have soulmate identifying markers that are a form of art, instead of the standard first words spoken, because they spoke to each other through graffiti long before they met in person.
I also really like the idea that there's still some kind of societal stigma against queer soulbonded/soulmated relationships that aren't platonic, and have them struggle with that.
I would love something where soulbonds/soulmates need to touch frequently to stay healthy/sane. Which would mean that Thor’s stint in prison would fuck both of them up, and since they’re poor and young they wouldn’t have the papers or means to get special visit rights. So their bond adapts, but then when Thor is back they need to readjust to be able to touch again. Cue the paint on each other scene. Basically I love something that plays with touch and how soulmates/bonds are affected by it.
I’d love something where Dizzee is weird and alienlike because his telepathic potentials so big and he just deals with that by voicing all the voices in his head and trying to make sense of people (who never really say what they think)/ Then he soulbonds with Thor, which makes everything easier to shield but also means he has to figure out himself and be at ease with the weirdness that is himself.
Original Work
Emperor/King Who's Taken Prisoner Of War
Human/Orc (Original Work)
King/Male Commoner
Male Alien/Male Human
Male Human/Male Monster
Male Slave/Male Master
Male Soldier/Shapeshifting Alien
Tags: Non-Consensual Soulbond, Sex-Induced Soulbond, Soulbond As Control Mechanism, Soulbond AU: Slave(s) Bound To Master, Soulbond Requires Regular Sex to Maintain, Soulbonded By Ritual Sex, Soulbonding as Punishment ,Soulbonding Causes Need to Mate,
I’m super intrigued by the idea of a conqueror/fighter/rich owner, aka the Bondmaster, binding people to them by soulbond, aka the Bondslave. Especially if there’s a biological imperative for the bondslave to stay close to the person they're soulbonded with, so the person bound against their will can’t really get away, and has to fight their biological need to be with their bondmate.
I’d be really into if it would involve (public) ritual sex, with one party somehow incapacitated but aware of what’s happening. 
Either the Bondmaster has multiple soulbonds and is therefor less susceptible to the side effects of the bond, or they have a species advantage.
Maybe the bondslave tries to get away and is eventually unable to move on because of the distance to their bondmaster, is retrieved and then punished and the bond renewed.
Basically all the non-con soul bonds and everything that entails: non-con telepathy and empathy, lots of non-con and dub-con sex to keep the bond alive, some mind control, biological drives that are unwanted, and the slow decrease of resistance until the bondslave has accepted and embraced their fate and bond.
Can end with mutual feelings despite all that, but that’s definitely not required.
In case of interspecies soulbonds: yes to all the Xeno, alien/animal genitalia, ABO dynamics, knotting, multiple penetration. As long as it isn’t on my DNW’s, I’m opting in.
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