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Dear Jukebox author!

Yay, it’s my favorite exchange of the year!

I’m currently on vacation for my birthday, so I’ll be prettying this letter up by the 7th. This should give you a start already though. I hope you find some info here that’s useful. I’m known to be wordy, so feel free to pick and choose to your heart’s content.

I’m a firm believer in Optional Details are Optional, so as long as you respect my few DNWs it’s going to be great!

Let us get those out of the way first:


Please no references, even implied or offhand, to anything terrorism related, civilians dying, or bombs. Thank you.

  • No Underage
  • No Humiliation
  • No Infantilisation
  • No Scat

Otherwise, I’m game. The rating can be as high or low as you want and the fouler the language the better.


This year I’ve requested a bunch of darker tropes and prompts, and this is my blanket permission to go all out! Fucked up relationships! Violence! All the dub/con! Xeno! Blood!

The songs in itself are often quite cheerful, with darker themes under them, and that’s what I’m aiming for, okayness on the surface, fucked-upness underneath that.

As for smut, again if it’s not in the DNWs, I’m game, including for Xeno/Beastiality and anything inbetween, ABO, Dub/Con and Non/Con.

If not specified I like f/f, m/m and m/f, but with a preference for the first two. If m/f I’d like the woman to be the aggressor if that’s applicable.

All prompts are for fic, art and podfic. For art specifically I’m totally onboard for anything graphic.

I’ve made a spotify playlist of all songs I’ve requested you can listen to here.


Song: Under Your Spell - Desire (Song)

Listen here | lyrics:

- Hey
- Yeah?
- I was wondering... Do you know the difference between love and obsession?
- No
- (...) and what's the difference between obsession and desire?
- I don't know
- Do you think this feeling will last forever?
- You mean like... forever ever? Forever ever? Forever ever? Forever ever? [...] Sure!
- God, I hope so
- Me too!

I don't eat

I don't sleep
I do nothing but think of you
I don't eat
I don't sleep
I do nothing but think of you

You keep me under your spell
You keep me under your spell
You keep me under your spell

I love how this song is somewhere on the bridge between cute and romantic and in love, and kind of threatening and unhealthy. Especially because the repeated You keep me under your spell, suggests a certain longevity of the situation. I’d love a story or art that deals with all of this as well.

I’d be very into something about an actual love spell or potion, that somehow backfired or went wrong resulting in the demise of the bespelled (by starvation?), making them actually lovesick.

Or, something where someone is aware of being under a spell, but unable to break it and to stop the feelings they’re having. Cue noncon feelings they’re trying to fight, but eventually being completely absorbed by them.

Also super intrigued by the idea of the person who was in love enough to do the spell, having regrets because always being aware that the emotions of the other person aren’t real.

The bespelled person also could be the wrong person, aka not the original target, but because of the nature of the spell, the caster can’t not respond to it either, resulting in mutual non-con feelings and relationship, with one or both of them very aware of it.

Basically dubcon feelings, emotions and relationships. No happy ending required. I’d prefer F/F for this one. Smut definitely welcome.

Song: Fire In My Bones - Fleurie (Song)

Listen here | lyrics

A bright light tunnel and a blue kite floating at the end
Summer melts into a snow scape, tell your heart to me
Wake me up and then speak, then speak
A bright light tunnel and a blue kite floating at the end
Summer melts into a snow scape, tell your heart to me
Wake me up and then speak, then speak

If it feels right, if it feels right
If it feels right, it’s probably wrong
If it feels right, if it feels right
If it feels right, it’s probably wrong

Spinning out, spinning out of control

Take it back, give me something to hold
Spinning out, spinning out

If it feels right, it’s probably wrong is probably the theme running through all of my requests this time around. It’s another upbeat song that’s way less upbeat once you really listen to the lyrics.

I always had the association of someone having hazy memories of being kidnapped, possibly having been under the influence of their kidnapper for a long time, being Stockholm Syndromed, and now unable to settle down without them. It could also be about the relationship between fellow kidnappees, even after their release. Or about someone who was so properly brainwashed, they only have vague memories of before. If this is your jam, again feel free to go as dubcon as you want, it’s the contrast between happy on the surface and really fucked up underneath that appeals to me.

For clarity: more interested in the victim being an adult or an older teenager than a kid. No underage please.

Something completely different I also often associate with this song, is some kind of magical being that’s been awakened, and is now set loose on an earth they don’t quite understand. Could be season bound, could be something else… Could be someone who summoned someone else and is now struggling to keep them in control.

Song: Fire - Barns Courtney (Song)

Listen here | lyrics

Lonely shadows following me
Lonely ghosts come calling
Lonely voices talking to me
Now I'm gone, now I'm gone, now I'm gone

And my mother told me son let it be

Sold my soul to the calling
Sold my soul to a sweet melody
Now I'm gone, now I'm gone, now I'm gone

Oh gimme that fire
Oh gimme that fire
Oh gimme that fire

Burn, burn, burn

I love the idea of a man being claimed by the being(s) his mother sold her soul to. First they claim her, then they come for him. I like how he doesn’t seem too adverse to being the payment/sacrifice.

I also really like the implication that the narrator themselves is also in some way powerful, and has made a thousand victims in his way. Possibly by becoming one of those his mother sold her soul to in the first place.

Especially because the further the song goes, the more it seems like the sacrifice is actually paid to him. I’m not usually into virginity kink, and it’s only one line, but I’d be totally into it if in the end, the circle came full circle, and he was sacrificed a virgin boy to consume and corrupt of his own.

I also really love how the calling that the mother and the narrator sold their soul to, is implied to be musical of some kind, whether they did it by song or for the song, or because they were seduced by song.

Basically, deals with a devil that have consequences, debts that need to be paid, everything through fire and human bodies! Mostly into it with m/m, but anything goes.

Song: Wolf - First Aid Kid (Song)

Listen here | lyrics

Wolf mother, where you been?
You look so worn, so thin
You're a taker, devil's maker
Let me hear you sing, hey ya hey ya

Wolf father, at the door
You don't smile anymore
You're a drifter, shapeshifter
Let me see you run, hey ya hey ya

Holy light
Oh burn the night, oh keep the spirits strong
Watch it grow, child of woe
Keep holding on

There’s so much to unpack in this song! The whole wolves, shapeshifters, possibly werewolves thing. The mother who is a devil-maker and the child of woe line, which means that the singer is probably the devil they’re talking about.

I’d love something about a wolf/shapeshifter society, where the narrator was either (partly) responsible for some kind of disaster/apocalypse, or their parents were and they’re being blamed instead. Hence their quest to cure their land, travel far, and somehow undo or fix whatever ruined their home. I’m into it for the ostracising and the ruined familiar relationships and made up wolf societies.

I’m also really into the idea of a shapeshifter having a child with a regular wolf, and the devil wolfchild being the fruit of that. Being more wolf than shifter, fitting in neither with wolves or humans, not being welcome where they were born.

Or a story about a shapeshifter family falling apart. I feel there’s a lot of relationships in this song that can be explored.

I love werewolf tropes, love shapeshifter tropes, love ABO, love beastiality and Xeno genitalia in this context to be clear about my opt-ins.

Song: Familiar - Agnes Obel (Song)

Listen here | lyrics

And our love is a ghost that the others can't see
It's a danger
Every shade of us you fade down to keep
Them in the dark on who we are
(Oh what you do to me)
Gonna be the death of me
It's a danger
Cause our love is a ghost that the others can't see

I always have to think of an illicit relationship between a witch and their familiar. The familiar could be some kind of animal, some kind of shifter, possibly even a human trapped in the body of something else. I like the forbiddenness and danger that’s mentioned throughout the song.

I’d love it if in witch culture there’s all kinds of rumoured consequences to falling in love or having sex with your familiar, like for instance a witch losing their magic, the witch and familiar switching place. I’d like it if they’d first be defiant because ’their love is great and pure’, or ‘their magic is stronger than anything that they could cause by giving into this’, and then in the end they succumb to the magical consequences anyway.

I’m also really into it, if one party really wants it, and the other tries and fights and resists as long as possible, because Doomed Romance, and then they succumb to their feelings, or to the magic of the other, or because of Heats, Sex Pollen, or something else, and then they set in motion a magical disaster.

It could be completely mutual emotions, or one party tricking the other into it, or manipulating, or simply magic being dangerous and sometimes it goes wrong in unexpected directions.

I’d also be super interested if they start out doing it as part of some kind of magic ritual, and then emotions happen and they get more seriously involved, and that’s when the consequenses happen. Would be especially good if those were a catasthrope of somekind that doesn’t punish the witch and their familiar directly, like flooding the village or something. If the magical consequence of your relationship is other people dying, do you continue?

Can be as dark as you want, bloodplay/magic, dub/con, beastiality, xeno, dark magic, vore, anything goes really. I’m just not much into vampires. No preference for f/f, m/m or m/f.

Song: Out Of The Darkness - Matthew And The Atlas (Song)

Listen here | lyrics

I saw you in my mind when I was younger
And I grew older, and I saw you still
You'd stay close to me sometimes behind my shoulder
When I was weary, trouble would come
In my last defense you tried to warn me
I did not know you, you were a demon to me
Your presence, it was a fear that lived inside me
It grew around me, then you would appear


This song is so haunting, pretty but kind of creepy. I keep thinking of some kind of mirror verse, some kind of guardian or spirit or creature, that’s there watching the narrator, failing to communicate, and when push comes to shove, the narrator dies and they live on, and it always feels ambiguous to me whether they were the warning or the killer.

I love that, especially because all the other clues, deep under the ground, high above the tower, paints a somewhat unusual picture of where this takes place. Drows, Dwarves, something completely different? What comes out of the darkness?

I also feel like at some point, the narrator defintiely tried to control or catch the creature, maybe strike some kind of deal with it, but it backfired on them. The whole atmosphere reminds me a lot of the fey honestly.

You Will Miss Me When I Burn - Soulsavers (Song)

listen here | lyrics

Will you miss me
When I burn, and will you eye me
With a longing
It is longing that I feel
To be missed for, to be real

When you have no one,
No one can hurt you

This is devastatingly lonely, and often painful to listen to, but at some point it becomes this roaring song filled with rage and spite, and I kind of love that about it. It becomes a statement instead of a question, and that’s just so… strong.

I’ve often thought it was a song sung by a witch (or other supernatural being) being burned alive at the stake, mourning their loneliness and sadness, but ending with this threatening stanza “There is absence, there is lack, There are wolves here abound, You will miss me, When I turn around”. Cue revenge spree, either after they died, or they make their escape in the nick of time, and simply set the village on fire instead.

I especially like the contrast between the lines they sing to themselves in comfort, that if they no one, they can’t get hurt. So I’d love a story of why they are so alone, how they longed for connection, for someone to care for them, and how that obviously doesn’t work. They do feel, they do get hurt, and they burn with it.

Basically I’m here for a story that deals with loneliness, and how that gets acted out on other people in the end. I’m fine with either a male of female main character, and if there’s (one-sided) relationships you’d like to explore (all that longing that they almost not recognize as such), I’m fine with het, slash and femslash. I’m fine with any level of violence, and with character death, as long as the tone of the story ends either bittersweet, or victorious, aka going out with a bang.

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