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Dear Tricksy Treater,

I’m looking forward to your gift so much! I have nothing but love for this exchange, so I’m very excited (and super easy to please!)

The following letter is still somewhat of a work in progress, for which I apologize. I’ve got all the general stuff here already, it’s just been one hell of a weekend, so I’m still working on the Trick or Treat specific stuff. I promise to have it finished by the 21th, if you’re impatient to start (I know I always am!), you should find enough here to get you started at least.

Now finished!

My letters always work as sort of a buffet so you can pick and select whatever catches your fancy and write something we’ll both enjoy.

I’m a firm believer in Optional Details are Optional, so as long as you respect my few DNWs it’s going to be great!

I can be found on AO3 as pameluke, on imzy as Pameluke at Jan Hits The Fan and on tumblr as janoda.


Please no references, even implied or offhand, to anything terrorism related, civilians dying, or bombs. Thank you.

Regarding violence and other possible triggering things, if it happens to characters in canon, I can deal with it happening to them in fic. Basically, I can deal with everything as long as it at the same intensity level of canon.

  • No Requested Characters Doing Non-Con

  • No Power Imbalance between requested characters, so if Under Influence (alcohol, drugs, Heats, Sex-Pollen… I prefer ALL of them to be Under Influence)

  • No Violence Between Characters I’ve requested

  • No Humiliation

  • No Infantilization, please don’t describe adults as boys or girls

  • No Scat

Otherwise, I’m game. The rating can be as high or low as you want, as long as it’s consensual I’m okay with any kink, and the fouler the language the better.  


For Treats: I love canon fic, slice of life fic, expansion on world building, adventures in nature, food and cooking related fic, loyalty kink, competence kink, hurt-comfort, found families, random domesticity and slice of life fic.

I haven’t requested Tricks, but I love Halloween themes, I just prefer them to have a happy ending. I love, love, love Scooby Doo type of shenanigans. Anyone fighting some kind of monster. Battle Couple for couples. I do prefer Happy Endings!

I love fic in which a relationship is explored, and don’t mind if that’s the main plot. I can deal with angst, but I’d like to have some kind of happy resolution at the end, even if it’s Happy For Now.

I’d prefer all fic to be set in their respective Canons, but I definitely love Alternate Canons and Canon Divergences. Some of my favorite tropes:

  • Soulbonds, in all forms, with marks or no marks, with relationships between the actual bonds or out of them, telepathic powers, or only bad side-effects.

  • Fake relationships that turn real. In all forms. For all reasons.

  • Living by the Nile, or “What feelings? Me? No Way, Good Sir, Never (I love you)”

  • Elaborate Plans Gone Wrong.

  • Awkward Flirting

  • Awkward Sex

  • Competent People and the People who fall for them, all the Competence Kink, seriously

  • N Times Characters Did A Thing

  • Marriage/Relationship of convenience, turned REAL

  • Interspecies Relationships, especially when there’s lots of cultural differences.


General Things I like for all pairings and fandoms I’ve requested.

  • Enthusiastic consent, this is my biggest kink always

  • Awkward Sex, Awkward Sexual Situations, especially if there’s a lot of laughter during sex

  • Biting, Claiming Bites, Marking

  • Body Worship

  • Desperate Arousal/Sexual Frustration, Desperate Sex

  • Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex

  • Outdoor Sex, Sex in Nature

  • Pegging, Sex Toys

  • Reunion Sex

  • Something Made Them Do It (All of them)

In general, I like narrative sex and a little plot with my porn. I love character introspection, character development, and relationship development through sex. For me, sex is both about the pleasure people can derive from each other and about the emotional connection that can be made.

Everything is hotter when emotions are involved.

You can ignore everything that’s not to your liking or doesn’t inspire you. On to the fandom-specific stuff, YAY.


Who I requested: Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Alternate Alec, Alternate Magnus

What I love about them:

  • Alec Lightwood: I love Alec because of his care and loyalty to his family. His desire to follow the law but also do what is right (I think he falls under lawful good). I will never be over the fact that his most prominent rune is Deflect, just fuck Alec, it’s okay to be SEEN, it’s okay to be valued. I have a lot of feelings about how he dealt with being in the closet (I think the show handled that subject well), and how he came out of it. I love how once he’s decided on something, he has ZERO CHILL and goes all-out and all-in. The kissing Magnus is the most obvious example of it, but I think the ‘Take what you need” moment is also very him. I love his relationship with Izzy, and how they have each other’s back when it counts. I was so proud when he finally stood up against Jace and spoke his mind. Ships I’m interested in: 
  • Magnus Bane: I love Magnus because he’s so full of contradictions. He’s 400 years or something there about, but being immortal is never being young or old. He’s this super powerful magic user, but his main weapon are his flair and his words. He pretends to not care and be selfish, but he rescues his people, saves Luke, tries to save Izzy, and doesn’t give up on Alec. He’s obviously loved and lost a lot, and his conversation with Ragnor was everything to me. He’s just one mask on top of another, and he very rarely drops them. I also have a bazillion feelings about Magnus allowing himself to fall for a Shadowhunter in the first place, since the Circle was planning to exterminate his people, and killed so many of them, and the Clave honestly isn’t much better - their justice has never been just to Downworlders at all. 
  • Alternate Alec: We didn’t really get to know him, but I’m super interested in what’s different and what’s still the same for Alternate Alec. He’s good at organizing and logistics, he loves his sister, and he’s gay are the three main things I pick up on, but I’m super curious what others see and don’t see. 
  • Alternate Magnus: So many feelings about how he hid himself so long, he actually lost his powers. How he was the only alternate version that wasn’t happier. How he’s coming back alive the moment he has a reason to use magic again, and that that’s the precise moment Alt Alec walks into his life. HIS FUZZY SWEATERS. I just really, really need Alt Magnus to become happy and magical again.


Ships: Any combination of any of the above. Obviously Alec/Magnus, which is my main OTP of the moment. But I’m also interested in Alt Alec/Alt Magnus, Alec/Magnus/Alt Alec, Alec/Alt Alec, Alt Alec/Magnus, or all of them together.



For Any Character:
In case you don’t want to write ship fic, I would love a fic of one of them being stranded in another dimension/universe (which can be as horrific as you want, ranging from the Inverted Universe we knew, to Everyone is a Werewolf, Valentine Won the first Uprising, The Clave Never existed (but all downworlders and nephilim still exist, ABO Universe…), and making do. Can totally be shipfic too of course.


For Alec/Magnus or Alt Alec/Alt Magnus:

  • Dating Fic. In both Universes a lot is happening which makes dating complicated, I’d love fic where they figure out how to start their relationship while madness is all around them. I’d also love established relationship dates. Specifically for Alt Alec/Alt Magnus I’d love dates where Magnus ends up using his magic.
  • While we’re on Alt Alec/Alt Magnus, I’d love fic where Demon shenanigans happen, and Alec (and maybe the rest of the squad, since they all should still have the Sight), figure out it’s a Scooby Doo type of situation with Fake Demons, and try to solve the case, only to end up realizing it’s a real demon and Alt Magnus having to save the day. (Which is how Alt Alec discovers Alt Magnus is Magical).
  • The mirror of this would be Alec and Magnus trying to solve a Case, with demons acting really weird and circumspect, only to figure out it’s a Fake Demon/Haunting Scam. Look, Alec hates Halloween, you can’t convince me otherwise.
  • I’m super intrigued by Alec’s runes and why he has the ones he has, and I imagine Magnus would be as well. So a fic with Body Worship would be super nice, especially if not only focussing on Alec’s runes, but also his scars. Also, I am convinced Magnus has hidden piercings and/or tattoos, so feel free to go wild on that side as well.
  • Magnus is quite magical, so, so must be the sex, I think. Don’t tell me Alec hasn’t had fantasies about how Magnus could use magic during sex. I’m also terribly amused by the idea of Alt Magnus losing control of his magic during sex, and that’s how Alt Alec finds out Magnus is a warlock.


  • I’d be super into a fic where Alec or Alt Alec ends up in the other universe, and they end up boning. Either Alt Alec challenges Alec into it, as a kind of experiment what sex is like, or they have to do so for plotreasons to right the world.
  • If you run with the Plotreasons to get everyone back in their own universe, I’m all for it including Magnus or Alt Magnus (or both as well). +1 for Alec being hesitant at first but being super into it and developing a new appreciation for his own body, and for Alec being jealous but unsure of whom exactly, Magnus, Alt Alec? Himself? It’s all horny confusion.


  • Any of the above works as an art prompt for me as well.
  • Opposites day! I’m super curious how a Shadowhunter (all runed up!) Magnus would look, and how a Warlock Alec would choose to dress himself. Optional Smooching.
  • Alt Alec and Alt Magnus dressed up for Halloween. Optional Smooching



Who I requested: Michael Bergen, Irene

What I love about them:

  • Michael “Berg” Bergen: I love his sense of humor, of he starts out pretty selfish and a bit of an ass, but develops in someone who’s actually pretty caring. I love how little shame he has about being somewhat weird, and I love how he appreciates weirdness in others. I also like that on top of all of this, he’s a doctor, and that he takes pride in both how smart he is, and in wanting to be a good one.
  • Irene: She’s often played for laughs, but I love her so much. I love her out of the box thinking about everything, I love her tiger tattoo, her love for cats and her all-in dedication to the things and people she loves. I love that she’s a stalker who realizes she has a problem and tries to work at it and around it. I love how kind she is.
  • I ship them with each other and happiness. This is my nostalgia feelgood relationship. Like, I loved them so much together, and was always kind of sad how the show got canceled before they got in a good place again. Because argh, they were so awesome and good for one another. I loved how their craziness connected and just worked together. I loved how they found each others quirks hot and loved each other for them, not despite them. I loved how they both became better people for the other. They had so much story left!
  • I really don’t care for Pete, so I’m fine with him being offscreen.



For  Any Character:

  • Berg at work. I loved seeing him at the hospital and I’d love reading about Berg dealing with Halloween shenanigans from patients, coworkers etc…
  • Similar for Irene. What does she even do? I imagine that’s she’s awesome at her job, but also very unconventional in her approach. How do her co-workers see her?
  • The story about how and why she got that Tiger tattoo would also be super cool.


  • Anything Post-Canon. They had the pregnancy scare and how Berg dealt with that, and how do they go on from there? I’d really like to read how they go from where they were then to being entirely completely okay again.
  • My favorite Berg and Irene moment is probably when they’re painting Berg’s toe-nails. I love how he’s not afraid to try out things, how he doesn’t entirely conform to gender norms, and how he can totally admit he likes things like that. Also, I just really like it as a moment of physical intimacy that isn’t necessarily sex related. So any kind of date that involves body care in what would be perceived as traditionally feminine. 
  • In a similar vein, Berg in panties. Can definitely be sex related.
  • Berg and Irene moving in together seems like a recipe for both disaster, shenanigans, and tons of relationship development. I personally think it would work really well, but that they’d also have to get used to quirks and things they really didn’t expect. Especially because neither seems to have lived together with a significant other ever.
  • The sexual adventures of Berg and Irene, two people who are willing to try anything once, and have really vivid imaginations. Possibly featuring: pegging, roleplay of all kinds and sizes, and lots and lots of toys. I wouldn’t mind the Halloween version of the roleplaying either. 
  • Somewhat related, I’d DIG the AU were Irene turns out to be a weretiger. That tattoo is too awesome not to come alive at Halloween at one point.


  • Like before, any of the above prompts works as an art prompt for me as well.
  • In the random IN SPACE AU I have for them, Irene is an engineer and Berg is a medic. I’d love a scene where Irene is basically Ceiling Cat surprising Berg at something, head coming out of the vents.
  • I know I’m repeating myself, but weretiger Irene is my JAM.



Who I requested: Jude Kinkade, Zero

What I love about them:

What don’t I love about this show? Seriously, this show totally stole my heart with a vengeance. It’s got great dancers, SO MUCH SCHEMING BY EVERYONE, and a bisexual athlete coming out by kissing his boyfriend ON COURT. And it only got better!

  • Jude Kinkade: I love him so much, in all his ambitious, scheming, all-in or out glory. He just so ruthlessly goes for what he wants, and he never settles for less. Even with his dad, he didn't settle, it was more that he expected that kind of behavior from parental figures (and I love how he eventually dealt with Oscar). I loved how on top of he was in the whole Who Gets The Devils feud, and I'm so thrilled he gets to keep his job.
  • Zero: ‘I don’t do relationships’ and then proceeds to have ZERO chill in the having of a relationship. I love him so much. Like Jude, he’s all morally grey and ruthless and mostly in it for himself, and I love how that changes once he starts the thing with Jude, but mostly in that it’s not only about himself anymore, he remains ruthless and scheming. I loved that we got more of his background, and how he came to be who he is. And I’ll never be over the fact he’s a bisexual pro athlete (two play-off rings!) who came out while kissing someone on court. The bravery!
  • Jude/Zero: I love Jude and Zero so much, and I love their whole relationship. I love that they are both schemers and playing to win, and I love that once they get involved they always have each others back. (“I think about you first all the time” - KILL ME NOW). I love that Zero accidentally moved in, I love that they are so open about their feelings, and I love, love, love that they have absolutely no chill when it comes to one another. Jude realizes he’s gay and absolutely runs with, aiming for a respectful relationship from the get go. Zero realizes he apparently does do relationships - boom, he moves in, buys a house to renovate together, and plays the wifey in Jude’s plans.

I’d prefer a fic focused on them, but feel free to do cameo’s with any of the other characters. I really loathe Pete, so please avoid him. I also genuinely love and respect Jelena, so please don’t character-bash her.



Single Characters:

  • Growing up. Jude’s relationship with his mother is a mystery to me, she must have been a strong woman to walk away from Oscar and take her kid, but I’m not sure that helped them having a good relationship? He never mentions her, so I’m curious about that. Maybe something about the first Halloween after they left Oscar?
  • Likewise Zero and his sister. Super curious about their relationship as kids, and honestly super curious about them meeting each other now. I loved that Zero’s sister was doing well, I’d love to read fic where she finds him, so it’s her own choice, and they get to have some kind of sibling relationship. Also Zero’s youth at the foster home, he must have tricked himself into having trick or treat candy, he would have been so scrappy.


  • Renovation Shenanigans! Lets be honest, renovating is a huge relationship test for everyone, let alone for two people who have no idea how normal relationships work, nor with any renovating skills whatsoever. Give me stupid arguments about how many bathrooms they need, about how they want to organize their kitchen, anything. Followed by all the make-up sex, obviously.
  • Meet the family fic. Like I said earlier, I am super curious about Jude’s mom, and I’d love to read about her and how she deals with Jude being gay, and with Zero, who on the outside doesn’t look like boyfriend material. Also Zero playing the role of good son-in-law when Jude just wants him to be himself.
  • I’d love accidental dating fic from the period when they were still friends-with-benefits. I’m pretty sure they both knew what was going on long before Jude brought it up, so I’d love fic that deals with them forcing themselves to remain denial.
  • It’s canon that they love sex, and I always loved that Jude went from “huh, I’m gay” to “let’s have all the friends with benefits-sex”. I like to think that neither of them is afraid to try out new things, so give me all the awesome, occasionally awkward, ooh I didn’t know that was a kink, adventures of Jude and Zero in bed. I love how much they laugh together, and have fun, and would like to see that translated in their sex-life.
  • For more Halloween themed stuff, I’m a sucker for Werewolves set in Urban settings, so like Basketballplayers who occasionally wolf out and aren’t supposed to imprint on their agent, would be amazing. Also, Zero and Jude dealing with Trick or Treating kids seems like a recipy for crack and amusement.


  • Any of the above works as art prompts for me as well.
  • We’ve had shower sex, closet sex, I think it’s time for lockerroom shenanigans! Or shenanigans in Jude’s office. Basically the King and King of LA debauching each other at the Devil’s arena.
  • Jude and Zero as King and King of their own magical (and/or monstrous) Kingdom(s).


I love these books with a burning passion, and while I love Kate and Curran, like usual I’m mostly invested in the side characters. Also, feel free to use any information from the novella’s, short stories and the book that’s coming out today, because I’ll be all caught up. (SO EXCITED). I’m totally fine with fics set earlier or in Canon Divergences too. 

Who I requested: Barabas Gilliam, Derek Gaunt, Julie Olsen

Why i Love Them:

  • Barabas Gilliam: I’ve liked him since he started as one of Kate’s dedicated Bouda’s, but I think I really fell in love with him when he came to Andrea’s rescue like an Avenging Angel LAwyer of Doom. What a crowning moment of awesome. I love that’s he as fiery as his hair, but also calculated and observing and great at lawyering. I love how he always falls for emotionally unavailable people, knows it, and yet repeats his mistake all over again. He’s so human, weremongoose or not. I honestly nearly cried when he was one of the Shifters to join Kate and Curran. I love him so much.
  • Derek Gaunt. Derek is probably my favorite character after Kate and Andrea. Teenage Sidekick, Man on a Mission, Tortured Soul, Lone Wolf… He’s gone through so many incarnations and versions of himself, and he keeps reinventing himself. Derek just rolls with things, and I’m super worried and always waiting for the dam to break. I love his humor and his charm and his loyalty and ambition. I think that he resembles Kate a lot, in that he has so much power, but also so much chance to accidentally turn out evil, and it’s that struggle that attracts me so.
  • Julie Olsen. Where to start with Julie? I loved her as the snarky scrappy streetkid, I love her as the sulking angry teenager, and I have so many thoughts and feelings about how she might end up as an adult. I’m still super worried about how Kate’s magic will affect her, and I’m both in awe and horified that she’s been meeting with Roland in secret. It’s so brave of her! So stupid too!. I love how fierce she can be, even though she doesn’t have any offensive magic. She’ll make her way with a knife and a zup-tie, and that’s so cool.

Ships: Barabas/Christopher, Derek/Julie (although preferably a future Julie who’s at least 16).



Single Characters:

  • I’d be super excited about Monster of the Week type casefic featuring any of these characters. If you want to fo cameo’s, I actually adore all shifters we’ve met, and I find pretty much everyone, including the antagonists interesting characters.
  • I’d also be really into fic that explores how this world deals with holidays. I can’t imagine Halloween being fun anymore in a wolrd where the magic shifts. How would it have changed? How do the characters deal with this?
  • For Barabas, I’d be into fic about adapting to living outside the Pack and Clan Bouda. He’s been raised in it, so it must be a terribly awkward and new experience. I’d imagine that the Bouda Clan would find all kinds of unconventional ways to keep in touch.
  • Also more fic where him being an awesome lawyer saves the day, because I think he’s the only character that wields something utterly mundane as a weapon to be feared, and it’s beautiful when he does it.
  • For Derek, I’d also be interested in more fic exploring being outside of the pack now. I always love his interactions with Kate and Curran, so finding a new balance in their relationship now that the PAck Hierarchy isn’t really playing anymore would be really interesting.
  • I’d also be interested in fic about Derek pre-Areba debacle. How he imprinted on Curran, how he kept himself to the Code, how he found his place in the pack.
  • For Julie I’m always interested in new ways she can use her magic, especially now that Kate’s magic is mixed up in it.
  • I’d also be super interested to see some missing scenes of all the times she ran away to be at the keep, like the time she mailed herself.



  • It’s really clichee, but argh I’m so here for the healing power of love. They both have a bunch of issues, and both could use someone to just love them and take care of them, do genuinely nice things just because. I think they could be so good for one another, in a slow burn, tender, careful kind of way. (If you want to throw some Healing Cocks in there, I’m super game too)
  • Barabas and Christopher dealing with kids. Can be trick or treating (or whatever the Atlanta variant is), can be for other reasons, but I’ve got an inkling that Barabas isn’t the best with kids, and Christopher would be great but probably not observant enough, and together they’d manage to keep them alive for a day. It’d be awesome.
  • Hurt/Comfort. Physical, Mental, Magical, Emotional…. There’s a lot of ways to be hurt in this universe, which means a lot of possibilities for comfort. Can go as angsty as you want, as long as there’s equal amount of comfort at the end.


  • I’m into them as they are now, or as a future actual relationship. 
  • I’d love Future Get Together Fic, where one of them decides that enough is enough, now is the time to go for it. Can be a smooth affair, can be kind of rocky, can all escalate into realizing their feelings for one another while fighting for their lives. 
  • I loved the novella and them working together, so more of that would be awesome, especially if they were a little older and a lot of flirting happened. Casefic in general, no matter what age they are, would be glorious.
  • Domesticity. They have known so very little of it, I’d be super down to read established relationship fic where they have all kinds of weird habits and comfy things that just work for them. Derek sharpening her knives as a romantic gesture and things like that.
  • As always, all above prompts count as art prompts as well.
  • Battle Couple for Derek and Julie specifically. Kicking ass and taking names, hair flowing in the wind.
  • Barabas cutting Christopher’s hair, Christopher dying Barabas’ hair or painting his toenails, casual physical intimacy scenes like that, that are about comfort.
  • Any of them out on a date, being totally enamored while all around them magical hazmat is happening.



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