Sep. 19th, 2016

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Dear Tricksy Treater,

I’m looking forward to your gift so much! I have nothing but love for this exchange, so I’m very excited (and super easy to please!)

The following letter is still somewhat of a work in progress, for which I apologize. I’ve got all the general stuff here already, it’s just been one hell of a weekend, so I’m still working on the Trick or Treat specific stuff. I promise to have it finished by the 21th, if you’re impatient to start (I know I always am!), you should find enough here to get you started at least.

Now finished!

My letters always work as sort of a buffet so you can pick and select whatever catches your fancy and write something we’ll both enjoy.

I’m a firm believer in Optional Details are Optional, so as long as you respect my few DNWs it’s going to be great!

I can be found on AO3 as pameluke, on imzy as Pameluke at Jan Hits The Fan and on tumblr as janoda.

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