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No Wip Wednesday today, since I'm working frantically on my [community profile] soulexchange fic, and it's supposed to remain secret.

Plus, I totally skipped a day of writing, because yesterday White Hot, the second installment in the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews came out, and I had to devour it first :)


All my fears about the power imbalance being too great, or Ronan being too psychopathic were all turned to dust, because they were all actually DEALT WITH. Such character development! They grew so much! What a great relationship development! So many great moments between them both, learning to trust each other, supporting each other, being in each other's corner. Just ARGH. Hearteyes everywhere.

The plot was as violent and explosive as I expect from the Andrews', but I felt the personal stakes were really turned up by a whole lot. the conspiracy and the upcoming fall-out really feels like it'll cause politic ramifications that might be far-reaching.

The insight in both Nevada's and Rogan's background was so satisfying as well. Nevada's murder grandmother is going to be a disaster to deal with, and I really need some fallout in the Baylor family because of the secrets Penelope kept about their father (and I'm still super curious about the aunt). All the stuff about Rogan's time in the military and the jungle and the first sixteen, and just ARGH.

I really love the interactions between Rogan's people and Nevada's family and how everybody is just rolling with the chaos and trying to protect their feelings.

And then there's Catalina and Arabella and Leon and their powers, and I am SO INTO the genetics and politics of the House system with their focussed breeding of certain powers causing a decline in magical variation, and the reason why the Baylors are so gifted is because they didn't care about Primes or genetics, they just fell in love and had magical kids.

But argh, I really want to map everything about that out, and then I want a timejump after this trilogy with the next generation.

Also, I really, really want a romance for Bern, because logical, structured people being swept of their feet by romance is my JAM. Someone find him a dude to do exactly that.

I'm really glad the next one is only two months away, because I can't wait for all of the politics and upheaval to really fall apart, and for House Baylor to rise and shine.


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